‘….Scotland’s Outer Hebrides provides the sensuous setting for British author Maine’s impressive debut, which charts the parallel quests of two women a century apart. Vivid descriptions of the island’s landscape and weather enhance this beautifully crafted novel.’ ~ Publisher’s Weekly


‘Last night, debut author Maine dreamed of a contemporary spin on classic Gothic tropes….. Maine skillfully balances a Daphne du Maurier atmosphere with a Barbara Vine–like psychological mystery as she guides the reader back and forth on these storylines. The two narrative threads are united by the theme of conservation versus exploitation… The setting emerges as the strongest personality in this compelling story, evoking passion in the characters as fierce as the storms which always lurk on the horizon.

A debut historical thriller which deftly blends classic suspense with modern themes.’ ~ Kirkus


The House Between Tides was first published as Bhalla Strand by Freight Books in 2014 (reviews below)

‘ There is an echo of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca in Sarah Maine’s appealing debut novel, when human remains are found beneath the floorboards of a derelict mansion on a Scottish island… a highly readable debut.’ ~ Independent

‘ Vivid and intriguing’ ~ Scotsman Books of the Year

‘A tremendous accomplishment. So assured, so well-judged, and with such an involving story to tell, this might be the author’s fifth or sixth novel, not her first. A literary star is born!’ ~ Ronald Frame, author of The Lantern Bearers and Havisham

‘… a rewarding read and I cannot give it anything but enthusiastic praise. The characters, locations and plot were all absolutely perfect and it came as a great surprise to learn that this was the author’s debut novel. I predict great things for Sarah Maine.’ ~ The Bookbag

‘…excellently paced, those burning questions are held on to until the end, and the characters are surprisingly real. If none of that wins you over then the descriptions of the Hebridean landscape are pretty wonderful too.’ ~ Lit Nerd

‘The natural landscape is well evoked and there is also an echo of Arthur Ransome’s Northern Diver in the engaging plot which puts ambition and social convention in tension with appreciation of a stunning landscape…’ ~ Northwords Now

‘This is a plot-driven novel, and its core strength lies in this fact. The action is tightly plotted and the pacing is excellent.’ ~ DURA

‘…the two narratives weave in and out of each other, held together by the timelessness of the Scottish landscape, echoing themes, emotional authenticity, a gothic mansion and the mystery of the body beneath the floorboards. A fantastic blend from the palette of this debut author’s pen.’ ~ Lizzy’s Literary Life

‘… a galloping page-turner, and a beautifully constructed novel of parallel mysteries and tangled island history.’ ~ Vulpes Libris

‘I finished reading the novel a week ago and am still finding myself thinking on it… a fantastic read, sophisticated, romantic without being seedy, and very well done over all.’ ~ Luxury Reading

The house between tides was firs published as Bhalla Strand ( Freight Books 2014)